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Course 102
MIC and Corrosion Management

Why is managing corrosion threats important?

Corrosion Management​

Corrosion is serious a “threat” to the integrity and operability of engineered assets. While methods and technologies exist to manage most corrosion threats, corrosion damage still leads to failures and unintended consequences to human health and the environment, therefore managing corrosion is essential to sustainability. Corrosion management is the process of using a management system approach to control all aspects of corrosion, from threats assessment to monitoring and mitigation. Unfortunately, this management system approach is not universally practiced largely because it is rarely a part of engineering curricula or codified in regulations. With the urgency of decarbonization it is essential that future generations apply these concepts to minimize the detrimental effects of corrosion.

Course 103
Fundamentals of MIC Threat Assessment

How do I know if MIC is a problem for my assets?

MIC Threat Assessment​

MIC threat assessment is the process of collecting and integrating multiple lines of evidence about an asset to determine if MIC is a threat that must be mitigated and monitored. MIC threat assessment is also performed during asset design to help in materials selection and the need for mitigation in the asset design. Learn how data from molecular microbiological methods (MMM) are used to help assess MIC threats and how MMM data should be integrated with other important information about the operating environment.

Course 104
Fundamentals of MIC Mitigation

Learn when MIC mitigation is needed and how to choose from the many options available.

What is MIC Mitigation?

MIC mitigation includes physical, chemical, operational and design stage mitigation methods. Selection of the best mitigation methods depends highly on the quality of the MIC threat assessment that should be performed prior to selecting mitigation methods. Companies spend millions of dollars per year on chemical treatment but in many cases cannot be assured that the treatment is actually working as intended. Whenever mitigation methods are applied, the means to assess their effectiveness needs to be considered.

Course 105
Fundamentals of MIC Monitoring

What should I know about MIC monitoring?

MIC Monitoring

There are a wide variety of methods available for corrosion and MIC monitoring, including microbiological methods based on DNA. Whether monitoring the effectiveness of mitigation or assessing an asset for the first time, the selection of monitoring methods to provide multiple lines of evidence is crucial. There is no method that solely and reliably identified MIC; rather it is the intelligent combination of multiple methods and technologies. This course provide details about each method and how to select and implement the appropriate methods for different assets.

Course 106 (Coming soon!)
Fundamentals of MIC and Abiotic Corrosion Failure Analysis

How do I know if it is MIC?

Diagnosing corrosion leaks and failures

Reliable diagnosis of MIC in operating assets using failure analysis of  corroded components requires collection of multiple lines of evidence and a careful integration of information about microbiological conditions, the chemical environment, design and operating conditions, and materials and corrosion products. This course presents the best practices related to MIC and abiotic corrosion  failure analysis, emphasizing the best practices related to sample collection and preservation, collecting multiple lines of evidence, and integration of evidence to determine the role of MIC. 

3 Course Bundle - Managing MIC through Threat Assessment, Mitigation and Monitoring

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Diagnosing corrosion leaks and failures

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– Fundamentals of MIC Threat Assessment

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