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Microbial Insights

Since 1992, Microbial Insights has been a trusted partner with environmental consultants, site owners, regulators, and government agencies for their Environmental Remediation testing, analysis, and services. Microbial Insights has extensive expertise and leverages our highly accurate, cost-effective, and informative molecular biological tools (MBTs) to provide the comprehensive data needed to help our clients select and implement effective remediation strategies.

The Australasian Corrosion Association

MIC E-Learning Academy has Partnered with ACA!

We are thrilled to partner with The Australasian Corrosion Association to offer our corrosion community high quality, self-paced e-learning on Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). Four MIC courses have been reviewed and endorsed by industry experts, and are offered to ACA Members and contacts at a discounted price point. The courses are all online and can be taken from anywhere. Students have access to the course materials for one full year from registration. Visit the ACA website to learn more and check out the other corrosion training opportunities that are offered by ACA.


European MIC Network – New paths for science, sustainability and standards

The main aim and objective of the Action is to, in the context of MIC-research/control, encourage a synergistic collaboration and communication, closing the gap between materials scientists, engineers, microbiologists, chemists and integrity managers to encourage sufficient interaction between academia and industry. Funded by COST ACTION CA20130

Corrosion Alliance

New Collaboration with Corrosion Alliance Announced

Through this collaboration, we are creating a unique knowledge base on measuring, diagnosing, monitoring and avoiding corrosion caused or influenced by microorganisms.

Collaboration between our two initiatives is a powerful strategic move with numerous benefits for you as technical engineer, purchaser or manager. Read more about this news at the Corrosion Alliance website.

Learn more about diagnosing MIC using multiple lines of evidence

Read about the different types of evidence or information that are used to help diagnose microbiologically influenced corrosion. 

Learn the questions to ask when integrating different forms of evidence, such as microbiological and chemical! provides useful MIC-related resources for students of MIC E-Learning Academy and others in research and industry who are interested in the subject of MIC.


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